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Pillow & Framed Stitcheries

Are you looking for keepsake stitchery or a unique embroidery pillow?  Take a peek at our selection below!  We have many primitive embroidery sayings that will cheer up a friend, or brighten your home!  If you don't see exactly what you need visit our custom embroidery page ~ we can stitch your favorite saying for you!  And don't forget the holidays ~ we have some wonderful primitive Christmas embroidery items and Mother's Day gifts!



"I 'heart' Vampires" Framed Stitchery

"Sister" Framed Stitchery  "I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because you can't do anything about it."

"Daddy is Prince" Framed Stitcheries  "This princess has already found her handsome prince...His name is Daddy!"


"Chocolate" Framed Stitchery & Pillows "I'd stop eating chocolate...but I'm no quitter!"

Personalized "Be True" Custom Stitchery "Be true to who you are and the family name you bear..."

"Moms Are Made" Framed Stitchery & Pillow  "Moms are made of sugar & spice & everything nice...with a dab of mean & bossy!"

"Good Deed" Framed Stitchery & Pillow "The smallest good deed is better than the greatest intention."

"Up & Dressed" Stitchery Pillow "I'm up and dressed - what more do you want?"

Mini Stitcheries

"Best Friend" Framed Stitchery & Pillow "You'll always be my best know too much!"

Custom Stitchery - You pick the saying/names & colors!


Assortment of "Princess" Stitcheries

"Take time to smell the flowers" Framed Stitchery

bluedearmotherpillow.jpg (401241 bytes) 

Large assortment of Mother & Grandmother Framed Stitcheries & Pillows


"America", "Simplify", "Stars & Stripes", "Oh Say Can You See", & "Liberty" Stitchery Pillows

"Families Are Like Fudge" Pillow/Framed Stitchery "Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few Nuts!"

housepillow.jpg (381325 bytes)

"There's no place like Home" Pillow/Framed Stitchery


"Family Tree" Framed Stitchery & Pillow  "My Family Tree is full of Nuts!"


Stars 'n Stripes Stitchery Pillow
"Stars and Stripes...Firework Lights"

schoolhousepillow.jpg (70594 bytes)

Schoolhouse Stitchery Pillow
"Fruit on in line"

  Halloween Stitchery Pillow/Framed Stitchery
"Pumpkin lights...scary sights"

Thanksgiving Stitchery Pillow/Framed Stitchery
"Bounty imparts thankful hearts"

pillowsanta.jpg (221964 bytes)

Santa Stitchery Pillow/Framed Stitchery
"Boughs of holly...oh so jolly"

"Love" Framed Stitchery

"Grandkids Welcome"Framed Stitchery "Grandkids Welcome, Parents by Appointment Only

"Homemade Gifts" Framed Stitchery  "I believe in giving homemade gifts...which child would you like?"

"Love At  Home" Framed Stitchery



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